Anyone Else Feeling Overwhelmed?

Feeling time! Maybe it's my almost-complete-novice perspective, seeing everything-NN with new eyes, but oh gosh, the deep learning field is quite overwhelming.

There's so much to see and learn. There's so much that has happened over the past few years. There's so much HAPPENING!

It's hard to pick and choose what to focus on (is this decision paralysis?).

So many projects, so many cool people, so many pieces of technology. And so little intuitive overview.

Let me restate that. I think the source of the overwhelm is that I'm not able to form a mental model of how to break down the field into categories. I'm missing words and knowledge.

Not even regarding new developments - just seeing the field as a whole in some approximate fashion to have a kind of map about the most interesting developments of the past few years.

Maybe seeing an overview of major trends could be cool? Something to help form a complete picture and being able to focus on a small-ish well-defined part at a time (divide and conquer approaches are <3). Oh gosh, do I need to create one of those for myself now?

There are other approaches to handle that feeling of overwhelm. The hardest for me would be to accept it and move on. Another one could consist of having a single project as a focusing lens. It would help to dive deeper into a part of the landscape. When you're deep in the bushes, the visible world shrinks to what you're dealing with.

I don't feel like diving into a project yet. Maybe creating an overview article for myself is a good fix. Just to start forming a first "what's been happening around AI" listicle as a way to sort my notes.

Hi! I'm Vladislav, I help companies deploy GPU-heavy AI products to Kubernetes.